Morocco/ Badr El Hammami – through pictures

The work of France-based Moroccan artist Badr El Hammami is a poetical experiment on the notion of  border translated in a number of installations, texts, photographs, videos and performances that question the arbitrary concept of ‘being stranger’. Its social status as foreigner in France allows him a paradoxical reading of maps and territories. When looking at a map, Badr El Hammami does not see “juxtaposed countries or forms” but “a network of lines, a rhizomatic composition that connects all territories.”

Badr El Hammami,Autoportrait,2013,1of3

Badr El Hammami,Autoportrait,2013,2of3

Badr El Hammami,Autoportrait,2013,3of3

Badr El Hammami,Coupe la Mer,2013,4of6-web

Badr El Hammami,Coupe la Mer,2013,6of6-web

Badr El Hammami,Worldmap,2013,Video still HD16_9,20min


Badr EL Hammami,Etat des lieux,2012,Photographies argentiques

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